Russian Helicopters wins contracts to deliver 10 helicopters to China

Russian Helicopters, which is part of the Rostec state corporation, has signed three contracts with United Helicopters International Group for delivery of 10 helicopters in 2017-2018.

As per the terms of contracts, Russian Helicopters will deliver five light helicopters Ansat in medevac configuration, three MI-171 in cargo configuration and two firefighter ??-32?11??  to United Helicopters. These helicopters will eventually be delivered to end-users in China in 2017-2018.

Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said: "China is interested in exploitation of high-quality civil helicopters. Russian-made helicopters have great potential in the civil market because of their unique design features and advanced flight characteristics.

"Our Chinese partners can attest to that after having operated Russian helicopters for many years. I am confident that our delivery which for the first time includes a medical Ansat, will contribute to renewal and strengthening of China's helicopter fleet."

Russian Helicopters will deliver the first batch of helicopters before the end of this year while all the remaining deliveries will be done in mid-2018.

The first two helicopters to be delivered are Ka-32, which will be used by Chinese companies for firefighting, including in urban areas dotted with high-rise buildings.

Ka-32 helicopters can be operated in hilly and forest areas and can land on uneven locations.

Ka-32 helicopters, which is based on a coaxial scheme, have been used in China for several years for fire and rescue missions.

Ansat with medical equipment will be delivered for the first time to China.

United Helicopters managing director Li Xuefeng said: "China is currently experiencing a boom in the medical market. We anticipate widespread use of medical aviation."

Xuefeng added: "Ansat with medical moduleis known as a helicopter with outstanding characteristics. This helicopter - is fully-fledged air ambulance with complete medical equipment including ICU, oxygen, doctors and emergency operating facilities and even more. In addition, Ansat has the lowest cost among competitors in the class. Chinese government, showing concern for its citizens and constantly improving the level of safety and quality of life, plans to buy a lot of such rotorcraftsin the near futureto fully meet the needs of the population."

Mi-171 Helicopters have been used in China to transport people from disaster zones, besides transporting goods and construction materials.