Rheinmetall to deploy Radshield sytem at two Swiss prisons

Automotive supplier and defense technologies company Rheinmetall AG has won two orders for safeguarding government security establishments from the threat of aerial drones.

The company will install drone detection system in the central prison of Lenzburg and the Bostadel prison in Switzerland.

The system, called Radshield, includes video cameras, infrared sensors and radars that will help in round-the-clock monitoring of airspace and grounds of the prisons' facilities; detection of flying drones, model airplanes or balloons; and physical movement of objects over the fence.

The company expects the installations to become fully operational soon and will help in countering attempts to smuggle in weapons, drugs, tools and mobile phones.

Further, the system can also detect objects thrown over walls and fences even if they are just a few centimeters in diameter.

There has been an increase in the use of remotely controlled aerial drones to fly contraband into prisons. In prisons of Germany and Switzerland, there have been several attempts to fly various objects into prisons. Due to advances in drone technology, active jamming does not provide a reliable defence.

The company expects the new installations to become fully operational in the near future.

Radshield will enable guards to monitor the key areas of the facility round-the-clock.

When a foreign body flies into the secured zone, the systems can alert the prison personnel, thereby enabling them to take swift counter measures such as cordoning off respective areas, frisking prison inmates and examining the premises diligently.