Quantum3D presents new training systems at I/ITSEC in US

Quantum3D is presenting new training systems at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) this year in Orlando, Florida, the US.

The systems being displayed include a helicopter trainer, a maritime ship bridge trainer, a military mission rehearsal system and a forest-fire-fighting simulator.

The company is also showcasing new augmented reality technology for maintenance training applications.

Quantum3D president Pratish Shah said: "We are excited to be part of the 50-year celebration of innovation in global training and simulation.

"At this year's I/ITSEC we will showcase the best in class training, simulation and technical capabilities for air, ground and maritime industries."

The maritime ship's bridge simulator has been developed by Quantum3D's partner company ARI Simulation.

Precision Flight Controls, along with its partner Ryan Aerospace, has developed a compact helicopter training device.

Quantum3D has also developed an extension to X-Plane flight simulator software package which allows X-Plane users to use Quantum3D's MANTIS for visual scene generation.

The MANTIS scene management software will run a new ultra-dense German visual database, showing realistic movement of hundreds of cars and trucks, at the event.

The Independence IDX 80 turn-key Image Generator product, which provides visual capabilities for full flight simulators with up to eight displays, will also be on display.

Quantum3D and Havelsan are also showing a suite of rehearsal solutions for military operations in urban terrain (MOUT).

The I/ITSEC has started on 28 November and will be held till 1 December.