OSI Systems to provide maintenance support for security inspection systems

OSI Systems’ Security division has received order to provide services for security inspection systems.

Valued at around $24m, the order requires the company to provide maintenance and support services for multiple categories of security inspection products, including models within Rapiscan's Eagle and AS&E's Z Portal and Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) cargo and vehicle inspection systems and Rapiscan's 600 series baggage and parcel inspection product lines.

OSI Systems chairman and CEO Deepak Chopra said: "We are pleased to achieve these orders to continue supporting our products in the field and the critical mission objectives of this customer."

Rapiscan's Eagle M60 is a high-energy mobile inspection system that can be used to scan cargo and vehicles at seaports, border crossings, and roadside checkpoints.

Additionally, Rapiscan Eagle P60 will provide a thorough inspection and high throughput of vehicle bourne cargo.

AS&E's Z Portal is claimed to be the only drive-through cargo and vehicle inspection system that uses multiple detection technologies to provide up to six views of scanned passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and cargo, making it ideal for primary or secondary screening applications.

It is capable of capturing dual-energy transmission, Forwardscatter, and signature Z Backscatter images for up to six views, therefore providing superior material discrimination and highlighting organic and metallic anomalies.

The AS&E-built ZBV uses Z Backscatter technology to quickly reach places other systems that cannot go, and scan objects other systems that cannot inspect.

According to AS&E, it generates an easy-to-read image that clearly reveals threats such as explosives, drugs, currency, and trade-fraud items even in high-throughput environments such as border crossings and security checkpoints.

The Rapiscan 600 computer based training (CBT) programme is PC-based software used for effectively training personnel on the operation of the Rapiscan 600 series baggage and parcel X-ray screening systems.