Middle East agency contracts AS&E for ZBV mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems upgrade

American Science and Engineering (AS&E) has received an order from a Middle East government agency to upgrade its seven ZBV mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems with AS&E's Tx-View option.

Tx-View option offers simultaneous dual-energy transmission imaging to complement the ZBV system's for enhanced detection of metallic threats.

The ZBV systems with Tx-View are used for improved detection of weapons during counter-terrorism operations to secure high-threat checkpoints, facilities, and high-profile events.

AS&E's president and CEO Chuck Dougherty said: "The Tx-View option enhances the ZBV system's detection capabilities for vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices or VBIEDs, weapons, and artillery shells, expanding the application reach for military and counterterrorism applications.

"Tx-View -- like the CarView portal and the next generation Z Portal system -- is another new, multi-technology offering that leverages our innovative wavelength-shifting fiber (WSF) X-ray detector technology to further differentiate AS&E in the security detection market."

The Tx-View option can be deployed quickly and easily and is completely self-contained in a trailer for storage and transport.

ZBV with Tx-View uses patented wavelength-shifting fibre (WSF) X-ray detector technology to provide dual-energy transmission imaging for material discrimination.

To date, the company has delivered nearly 800 systems that are used by leading government agencies, border authorities, law enforcement personnel, military organisations, and security agencies in more than 65 countries.