MERET launches new ballistic armoured protection backpacks

MERET, a US-based producer of professional response bags and equipment for fire, police, and the military, has expanded its product range with the launch of a new line of ballistic armoured protection backpacks.

The new ballistic armoured protection backpacks have been designed to protect commuters and first responders during terror attacks.

MERET president Scott Decker said: "The world has changed. So we've updated our backpacks to provide armored ballistic protection that could save your life if you encounter one of these situations.

"It sounds extreme but this is the new reality if you're going to travel, commute, or even study. Why wouldn't you want the added protection if you're already carrying a backpack?"

MERET and ballistic armour technology provider Angel Amor have recently collaborated to develop a consumer daypack and reengineer their first responder bags to include lightweight armoured ballistic protection.

The DEFENDER PRO Commuter Backpack has been designed to withstand multiple rounds including a 44 MAG projectile, therefore protecting a person's chest area.

Using OMNI Pro first responder bags, first responders will be able to advance quicker onto an unsecure shooter scene in order to quickly aid and evacuate the injured, MERET stated.

Figures released by Gun Violence Archive show that there were 385 mass shootings in which four or more were injured or killed in the US last year.

According to the FBI's study of active shooter incidents between 2000 - 2013, there has been a rise in active shooter events from seven in 2000 to over 200 in 2012.

Image: MERET unveils new ballistic armored protection backpacks for commuters and first responders. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto/MERET.