Meggitt Training Systems set to introduce two training simulators

Meggitt Training Systems will introduce two simulation solutions at the 2016 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference to be held at San Diego Convention Center next month.

The two simulation solutions  - FATS 100LE and entry level FATS L7 LITE offer law enforcement departments a choice based on their training requirements and budget.

The FATS 100LE leverages technology recently developed for and delivered to the US Army and Marine Corps, but has been customised for law enforcement training.

LE-specific features comprise the introduction of three-dimensional marksmanship training, wireless tablet control with auto-coaching, and an intuitive unified interface across all training modes for ease-of-use and reduction in training requirements.

The FATS 100LE also comes with multiple screen capability, enhanced visuals, multiple weapons per trainee, and wireless BlueFire weapons.

On-site installation and training are provided by Meggitt personnel to ensure the industry’s use of force simulator is ready for optimal use.

The FATS L7 LITE’s flexibility, advanced features and straightforward operation enables instructors to easily adapt courseware to meet the requirements of the department.

The system comes with the same capabilities as the FATS L7 simulator. However, its price-point will attract departments looking for an entry-level weapons training system that remains scalable for future growth – to include the option of adding BlueFire weapons and accessories.

The FATS L7 LITE is easily modified to meet unique requirements, including the importation of customer-specific targets and terrains and user-authored video scenarios.

Meggitt Training Systems president Jeff Murphy said: “Recent events further reinforce the challenging and difficult job performed by law enforcement officers. Our goal is to provide them the best use-of-force simulators in the world. The FATS 100LE and FATS L7 LITE continue our storied legacy as the inventors of use-of-force simulation training.”