Mauritanian Air Force contracts AgustaWestland for AW109 Power helicopters

AugustaWestland AW109 Power

The Mauritanian Air Force has awarded a contract to AgustaWestland for an undisclosed number of AW109 Power twin-engine helicopters.

Under the contract, AgustaWestland will deliver the helicopters in a multi-role homeland security configuration for the Mauritanian Air Force, starting mid-2014.

The company will also provide comprehensive training and support package in Italy and on-site as part of the contract, while Mauritanian Air Force will use the aircraft to conduct reconnaissance and border patrol missions.

The AW109 Power is said to be a versatile aircraft and can be used to support missions including transport, offshore and emergency medical services or conduct surveillance and patrol missions for police forces in addition to a variety of military missions.

Featuring optimum performance with cost-effectiveness, the helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 154k using Pratt & Whitney or Turbomeca engines controlled by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system.

The single-pilot IFR certified helicopter is fitted with digital glass cockpit with six liquid crystal instrument displays to offer flight, systems and mission data for the aircrew.

Additional equipment of the helicopter includes 185 or 221 USgal fuel system, emergency flotation system, radio master switch with ground function, wire strike protection system, pulsed chip detectors, external loudspeakers and engine compartment fire extinguishers.

Image: AW109 Power can be used to support missions; Photo: Courtesy of AgustaWestland

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