Magal Security Systems wins order to provide RoboGuard to Israel

Magal Security Systems has secured an order from an Israeli governmental customer to supply its RoboGuard system.

The agile scout robot has been designed to ensure perimeter integrity and respond to intrusion alerts, while running along rail attached to fences.

The RoboGuard carrying several sensors can be operated in two modes, including routine patrol mode and response mode.

When operated in routine patrol mode, the robot travels autonomously scanning and searching for perimeter anomalies or nearby suspected objects.

In response mode, RoboGuard rushes promptly to 'home in' on a suspected intrusion, acting as a first responder, Magal stated.

Magal Security Systems CEO Saar Koursh said: "We are very pleased with this initial launch order and are proud that our revolutionary RoboGuard has successfully met the rigorous testing and inspection procedures of our launching customer.

“We value the selection of RoboGuard by this particular customer, which serves as a stamp of approval at the highest level for this unique perimeter intrusion deduction system. We see further considerable interest from our customers looking to save manpower costs with our Roboguard systems."

The customer has announced that RoboGuard started operating, after undergoing a series of rigorous in-the-field tests and inspections.

The system is said to provide operational efficiencies by reducing manpower, patrol vehicles and related equipment.

Magal's RoboGuard is equipped with a laser scanner that acts as a short range 3D LIDAR for perimeter inspection.

The robot's fixed camera with IR illuminator is used for short range perimeter surveillance and threat verification.

The system also features a PTZ camera with IR illuminator for medium range and two-way intercom between the control room and a potential intruder.