Leonardo and NCI Agency agree to share cyber security information

Leonardo and Nato Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) have signed a cyber security information sharing agreement to improve situational awareness and protection of their networks and systems.

The industrial partnership agreement (IPA) is aimed to increase cooperation with the private sector on cyber threats and challenges, Leonardo stated.

The information exchanged or stored on Nato and Leonardo’s network is vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks.

To overcome such security challenges, the organisations will share bilateral information on cyber threat and security best practices.

Through the partnership with NCI Agency, Leonardo is expected to better understand threat patterns and attack trends, thereby improving the application of preventive measures and reducing the scope for future attacks and enhancing capabilities to safeguard information.

According to Leonardo, protection of corporate information assets is an essential priority for the achievement of its corporate objectives.

Leonardo’s cyber defence capabilities in Italy and the UK protect government institutions and national and international commercial organisations from cyber security threats, under public-private agreements.

The company also took part in the Nato Computer Incident Response - Full Operational Capability (NCIRC - FOC) programme, which ensures cyber security of information and ICT infrastructure across 52 Nato sites in 29 different countries.

The programme, which is in effect since May 2014, is continually being expanded and it represents one of the biggest initiatives in this sector ever developed.