Japan’s NEC and Northrop Grumman partner to deliver J-CORTEX system

Northrop Grumman Corporation has partnered with NEC Corporation, a Japanese IT and network technologies firm, to deliver Japan-Cyber Operations Research, Training and Experimentation (J-CORTEX) system.

J-CORTEX is a private, cloud-based cyber range that copies customers' environments for the purpose of testing and training.

The demand for security and data access management from government and military organisations in Japan is increasing rapidly.

NEC Corporation national security solutions division general manager Kazuhiko Shiraishi said: "We are grateful to collaborate with Northrop Grumman, who has rich experience in cybersecurity globally.

"Through this collaboration, NEC will enhance our ability to provide cyber training and help ensure the security of customers in Japan."

J-CORTEX builds an isolated testing environment closely emulating a client's unique computer and network enterprise so exercises can safely include both attack and defence factors, as well as system security tests.

The system has the ability to perform cybersecurity testing in real-time scenario, which will help cyber professionals to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

NEC, Northrop and Mitsubishi Corporation, through the J-CORTEX offering, will ensure that cybersecurity professionals have access to cyber defensive methods to ensure that government networks are completely safeguarded against cyber-attacks.

Northrop Grumman Japan chief executive Jack Dorsett said: "Northrop Grumman is committed to building trusted partnerships with the Japanese government.

"Cyber represents one of our core capabilities and we are delighted to work with NEC and Mitsubishi Corporation to deploy a leading-edge solution for cyber operations research, training and experimentation."