Italian Coast Guard adds two helicopters to its Leonardo-Finmeccanica AW139s fleet

The Italian Coast Guard has placed orders for two additional AW139 intermediate twin helicopters from aerospace company Leonardo-Finmeccanica.

The latest additions, which will increase the Italian Coast Guard’s AW139 fleet to twelve, will be used in a wide range of missions, such as search and rescue (SAR), maritime patrol and emergency medical services.

The current contract includes a provision for the delivery of two more AW139 helicopters by Leonardo-Finmeccanica.

The AW139s helicopters are equipped with a wide range of mission equipment that includes cargo hook, wire strike protection system, external rescue hoist, search / weather radar, and marine band and satellite communication systems.

They also feature optical proximity LiDAR system (OPLS), full night vision goggle (NVG) capability, high definition forward looking infra-red / low light TV (FLIR / LLTV) system, mission console with high definitions displays, emergency floatation system, Trakka searchlight and external life rafts.

The AW139s have spacious cabins to accommodate the crew, equipment as well as survivors, and can be accessed by two large sliding cabin doors.

The helicopters are capable of performing several important public utility roles, such as law enforcement and homeland security, special operations, search and rescue, patrol, command and control, government / VVIP transport, disaster relief, and training.

Currently, these helicopters serve the Italian State Police, Guardia di Finanza (Customs and Border protection) and the Italian Air Force.

To date, nearly 240 customers from over 70 countries have ordered more than 960 AW139 helicopters.

In addition to the Leonardo-Finmeccanica helicopters, the Italian Coast Guard has ordered for VideoRay Pro IV remotely operated vehicle (ROV) equipment valued at more than €200,000.

Image: Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s AW139 helicopter. Photo: courtesy of Leonardo-Finmeccanica.