GPSdome performs airborne tests of cyber device against GPS jamming and spoofing

Cyber company GPSdome, together with Bluebird Aero Systems, has performed successful airborne tests of its cyber device for protection against GPS jamming and spoofing.

Bluebird specialises in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

GPSdome CTO Moshe Kaplan said: "We installed our GPSdome on a Bluebird small UAVs in order to test its GPS protection during a flight under jamming conditions.

"The successful tests showed that the GPSdome-protected UAV continued functioning under jamming attacks and retained its GPS reception, while the unprotected UAV lost the GPS signal."

GPSdome CEO Ehud Sharar said that GPSdome serves as a perfect solution for small UAV and other unmanned vehicles that need a miniaturised solution which does not reduce the range of action of the vehicles.

All other existing similar products of GPSdome have been designed according to military-oriented requirements.

The company’s cyber device has been miniaturised to better fit civilian applications such as homeland security, emergency & rescue, fleet management, utilities & infrastructures, network synchronisation, financial transactions, among others.

GPSdome has developed the cyber protection solution against jamming and disruption for GPS-based systems.

Electronic warfare engineers of the company's development team have developed the GPSdome based on advanced military technologies.

In February this year, GPSdome announced successful results of tests of its commercially available product GPSdome 1.0 that protects GPS systems against jamming and spoofing.