Goa Shipyard launches sixth offshore patrol vessel

Goa Shipyard in India has unveiled the sixth and last of the series of six CG offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the Indian Coast Guard.

The new 105m new generation OPV has been designed in-house and being built by GSL.

Powered by twin diesel engines, the OPV is fitted with new navigation and communication equipment carries four boats for boarding party operations. 

GSL CMD RAdm Shekhar Mital said “We have delivered first vessel of the series ICGS Samarth, eight days ahead of delivery schedule, second ship (Shoor) – 1.5M ahead & 3rd ship Sarathi was delivered on 29 Aug 2016, 2.5M ahead of schedule and commissioned on 09 Sep 2016 by Hon’ble HM Shri Rajnath Singh.

“It was a historic moment for any shipyard to deliver three ships of a new class OPV, based on 100% in-house design, all within contractual schedule, within a short span of 9 months.

“There is no parallel of such rapid quality construction in Indian ship building industry and we are working hard to make sure that all the remaining three vessels are also delivered earliest with minimal liabilities to add to the strength of Coast Guard Fleet.”

One 30mm gun and two 12.7mm guns with associated fire control system form the vessel's main weaponry package.

Inspector General Goyal said: “The launching of Yd-1223 marks the beginning of culmination of a project well executed, with three quality ships delivered ahead of contractual delivery schedule at fixed cost.

“With the upgraded infrastructure coupled with trained manpower and vast shipbuilding experience, GSL is best placed to align with the “Make in India’ campaign of the Government, which shipyard has further engineered to be active partner in ‘Make in Goa’ ventures.”

Image: Launch of the offshore patrol vessel. Photo: courtesy of Goa Shipyard Ltd.