Get Group and Terma form alliance to promote Terma’s wide area protection system

Get Group and Terma have formed a strategic partnership to promote the latter's intelligent wide area protection system, T.react CIP in Africa.

According to the deal, Get Group will be the official sole provider of T.react CIP in Egypt and in the rest of Africa.

Get Group has vast experience in providing border security, system integration and long-range surveillance solutions across African countries, Middle East Asia, USA and Canada.

Terma has six decades of expertise in manufacturing radars with 35 years of involvement in preparing military command and control systems.

With this alliance, both the companies look forward to secure critical and important infrastructure and strategic assets across Africa.

The partnership seeks to secure the airports, seaports, oil and gas installations, border protection, VIP protection and other infrastructure projects that carry national importance.

The alliance’s customers and partners in the continent can view live demonstrations of the T.react CIP system in Egypt from the end of this year.

The comprehensive system will comprise Terma radars, third-party sensors, fully functional camera along with its command & control (C2) platform – Terma’s T.react CIP.

Terma claims that the system will demonstrate true data fusion functionality with simplicity and accuracy.

Earlier, both these companies were involved in the protection of the Suez Canal waterway (Terma SCANTER radars with Get Group as the main contractor).