General Dynamics secures $149m contract from DARPA

General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) has secured a $149m contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

According to the contract terms and conditions, GDMS will provide classified network services, support and infrastructure to DARPA for a period of five years.

GDMS will design and develop flexible scalable systems that will manage past, present and future technologies of DARPA.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Cyber and Electronic Warfare Systems line of business vice-president and general manager Mike Tweed-Kent said: “The security of DARPA’s network is the cornerstone of its successful mission execution.

“Our accredited multilevel domain solution allows users to access applications and information at multiple levels of security across the enterprise from a single computer workstation.

"This ability to control access ensures the security needed to protect classified data across multiple security boundaries and distributed user communities.”

The application and tools provided by the GDMS will secure system functionality, performance and accessibility within various environments.

Additionally, GDMS will supply Insider Threat monitoring and reporting solutions that are designed to support DARPA, to detect malicious behaviour at an early stage to keep the information on the classified network safe and secure.

The company will be providing a highly specialised network services to optimise DARPA’s enterprise system.