Fujitsu partners with BAE Systems for cyber threat intelligence utilisation system

Fujitsu has partnered with BAE Systems to develop cyber threat intelligence (CTI) utilisation system, which will not only efficiently utilise CTI but also will offer details of cyber-attacks as well as responses in a computational format.

This system merges BAE Systems' meta-modeling technology, which makes CTI sharing easy with Fujitsu's automation technology for efficient cyber-attack response.

Cyber-attack response know-how is being developed by both companies since 2015.

The system offers CTI sharing function that allows secure and easy CTI sharing between organisations and CTI generation function, which brings together multiple CTI pieces into a more comprehensive CTI.

The objective of this system is to share knowledge on cyber-attacks between various organisations and companies, and to provide a structure so that effective responses can be taken efficiently.

It will offer functions to make it safe and easy to share CTI in order to generate and utilise more advanced CTI by fusing several CTI sources.

This system will enable cyber-attack analysts to quickly offer high-quality analysis and strong responses.

In the future, this system will be utilised and improved in the field, such as at the Fujitsu Advanced Artifact Analysis Laboratory, a facility to offer advanced security analysis for the Fujitsu Group.

Fujitsu intends to commercialize the technology in fiscal 2016.