Ford launches pursuit-rated hybrid police car in New York, Los Angeles

Ford has launched the industry’s first pursuit-rated hybrid police car, Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan in New York and Los Angeles.

Ford holds a 63% market share in the police vehicle segment in the US.

The hybrid sedan reduces emissions and also provides potential for fuel savings as the technology used in these vehicles is expected to provide EPA-estimated combined gas mileage of 38 miles per gallon, which is an improvement over today’s Police Interceptor with 3.7-liter V6 with EPA-estimated 18 mpg combined.

Its lithium-ion battery helps power the high electrical loads of a police vehicle, thereby reducing engine run time and saving an estimated 0.27 gallons of fuel per hour.

As per rough estimates, the vehicle could save approximately $3,900 a year.

With an efficient Atkinson-cycle 2.0-liter engine and an electric motor powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery, the hybrid can clock speeds of 60mph in battery-only mode. It automatically reaches peak performance levels with the engine and battery operating at high acceleration levels.

Los Angeles Police Department chief Charilie Beck said: “Our mission to create safe and healthy communities in Los Angeles is achieved through sustainable approaches in community policing, and that includes embracing new technologies

 “Patrol vehicles are a police officer’s office, and we expect them to not only be economically and environmentally efficient, but also an effective tool for fighting crime in major metropolitan areas.”

Ford president for The Americas Joe Hinrichs said: “Electrifying our next generation of vehicles is core to our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

“By being a leader in electrified vehicles, we remain committed to delivering cars, trucks and SUVs that are better not only for our customers, but for the environment and society as well.”

Ford is also delivering another new hybrid police vehicle for North America.

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company headquartered in Michigan and operates 62 plants.