Brodosplit launches new patrol vessel prototype for Croatian Coast Guard

Croatian shipyard Brodosplit has launched a new inshore patrol vessel prototype for the Croatian Coast Guard.

The new coastal patrol vessel has been built and equipped in compliance with the Croatian Register of Shipping, Brodosplit stated.

The vessel will now move into the offshore equipment installation phase, which will last for two months.

Following this phase, testing of the vessel in the port and in navigation will begin under the oversight of the Ministry of Defence and the Croatian Register of Shipping.

Testing of the vessel is expected to be completed later this year, following which the vessel will be officially christened and delivered the Croatian Navy.

The navy will then put the vessel through special prototype tests to test the navigability and suitability of technical solutions and prototype characteristics under worst weather conditions in the Adriatic Sea.

Capable of operating at a speed of 28k, the 43.5m-long vessel has enough space to accommodate a crew of 14 people, according to a statement.

The boat is armed with a 30mm automatic gun, two manually-operated 12.7mm machine guns and four MANPAD systems.

Brodosplit has built the vessel as part of a project of five vessels in a bid to cater to the needs of Croatian Navy Coast Guard such as patrolling to protect Croatian interests at sea and in search and rescue sea operations.

The coastal patrol vessels can also be used for protection of internal waters and fighting and logistics support tasks during war times.

Image: The new prototype inshore patrol vessel prototype for the Croatian Coast Guard. Photo: courtesy of Brodosplit.