Bollinger delivers 18th Sentinel-class fast response cutter to USCG


The US Coast Guard (USCG) has received the 18th Sentinel-class fast response cutter (FRC), Joseph Tezanos, from Bollinger Shipyards in Key West, Florida.

It will be the sixth FRC stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is scheduled for commissioning in August this year.

The 18th FRC has been named in honour of Joseph Tezanos, a petty officer second class, who saved more than 40 people after an explosion took place on landing ship tank at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 21 May 1944.

Tezanos received Navy and Marine Corps Medal and a Coast Guard commendation letter from the commandant for his bravery.

The 154ft-long FRCs are designed and built based on Damen Stan Patrol Boat 4708. The USCG is acquiring 58 FRCs to replace the 110ft-long Island-class patrol boats.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 28k, the FRCs are equipped with advanced command, control, communications and computer technology, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, and a stern launch system for the vessel’s 26ft cutter boat.

Designed to link the capability to comply with the potential mission necessities, the FPVs are capable of supporting maritime homeland security, search and rescue (SAR), fishery patrol and national-defence missions.

Of the 38 FRCs ordered, 17 are in service: six in Miami; six in Key West, Florida; and five in San Juan.

Image: The US Coast Guard's (USCG) 18th fast response cutter (FRC), Joseph Tezanos. Photo: courtesy of US Department of Homeland Security.