Bell Helicopter delivers helicopters to Sweden

Bell Helicopter has delivered its seven Bell 429 helicopters to Swedish National Police.

The fleet has entered into service.

It will be used for law enforcement and search and rescue, including mountain rescue, across the country.

Bell Helicopter managing director for Europe and Russia Jakub Hoda said: "This is now the largest Bell 429 fleet in operation in the European Union.

"Customers in Europe have shown great interest in the Bell 429 for law enforcement operations. Over a quarter of the Bell 429s in service across Europe today are flying parapublic missions, demonstrating the superior performance of the Bell 429."

Bell Helicopter claimed that the Bell 429 continues to gain customers in police forces around the world.

It recently delivered 15 Bell 429s to the Turkish National Police, four Bell 429s to the New York Police Department, and the first of two Bell 429s to the Slovakian Police.

The Bell 429 delivers speed, range, hover performance and comes with enhanced safety margins.

It comes with a fully-integrated glass cockpit, advanced drive system, WAAS navigation and IFR capability.

The helicopter is claimed to have more cabin space than any other light twin helicopter, with flat flooring and seating for seven passengers and one flight crew.