Armor Express receives $93.8m ID/IQ contract from DHS

Manufacturer and distributor of body armor solutions, Armor Express, has secured a seven-year $93.8m Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Under the deal, Armor Express will provide Razor Level IIIA ballistic system with four carriers specifically designed to support DHS requirements.

More than 90,000 officers belonging to US Customs and Border Protection, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Protective Service, US Coast Guard, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is expected to be benefitted from it.

Armor Express president and CEO Matt Davis said: “This is a major win for Armor Express and we are truly honored to serve one of the finest and most comprehensive federal departments in the world.

“We have collaborated with a number of federal agencies over the years, providing a range of concealable and tactical armor solutions to officers who require high-performance and flexible coverage to do their jobs effectively and in the safest way.

"This latest award is another testament to the quality of our products and the DHS' trust in our industry-proven solutions.”

The Department of Homeland Security was created after the attacks of 9/11. The department’s primary responsibility is to protect US from external threats.

It is third largest cabinet department, after Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs employing more than 240,000 officers.

DHS was searching to provide its officers with customized concealable and tactical carriers, integrated with NIJ 0101.06 certified, Level IIIA ballistics that will meet their requirements.

Armor Express was selected as one of three body armor suppliers to fulfill their demand.

The company claimed that Armor Express was selected for its design and engineering specifications, overall reliability and past performance.

The Razor Ballistic System is tested under various requirements that include NIJ 0101.06 certification, FBI Protocol and DEA Frag Standards.

The carrier is designed with fiber technology with FMT Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene from DSM Dyneema and TWARON Microfilament Aramid from Teijin.

Available in male and female versions, it provides lightweight ballistic package for officers and agents who need highest level of protection.

Founded in 2005, Armor Express serves US Military and its allies around the world.