Airbus Defense and Space to provide TRS-3D Baseline D multi-mode radar for USCG

Airbus Defense and Space, a US-based company that offers a broad array of advanced solutions to meet US military and homeland security systems, will be providing TRS-3D Baseline D multi-mode radar (MMR) for the US Coast Guard's ninth National Security Cutter (NSC).

It will be providing the MMR under its contract with its affiliate Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security.

The TRS-3D Baseline D, designated AN/SPS-75 radar uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology to provide a traditional TRS-3D robust performance as well as for improved reliability and options for future development.

Airbus TRS-3D radars is reported to be on aboard in every NSC since the programme's inception.

Airbus Defense and Space president Mike Cosentino said: "The AN/SPS-75 is the right choice to meet Coast Guard requirements for a multi-mode radar.

"It is currently meeting operational requirements and is consistent with Coast Guard investments in training infrastructure ashore, as well as with their existing sustainment program."

The company has the contract with Lockheed Martin to provide the AN/SPS-75 MMR. Airbus has been working with Lockheed to provide radars for all prior NSCs.

Airbus further explained that the intimate knowledge of Lockheed Martin and experience with AN/SPS-75 technology has allowed them to successfully integrate the radar with all systems required by the NSC program.

The TRS-3D is a three-dimensional, multi-mode naval radar for air and surface surveillance, which has the ability detect and track all types of air and sea targets, and easing crew workload requirements.

Image: Airbus Defense and Space to offer MMR to USCG. Photo: courtesy of Airbus Defense and Space, Inc.