ABB to extend operational life of ten Canadian Coast Guard ships by 20 years

Swedish-Swiss technology company ABB is to modernise Canadian Coast Guard ships in order to extend the vessels’ operational life by another 20 years.

The company has been selected to modernise ten out of 14 medium icebreakers and high endurance multi-task Canadian Coast Guard ships.

The ships, which are undergoing the modernisation programme, are currently used for performing major search and rescue operations, maritime navigational aids, ice breaking, oceanographic studies, patrol and protection of Canada coastline.

ABB Global Marine & Ports Service senior vice-president Jyri Jusslin said: “For more than 75 years ABB has been working at the cutting edge of icebreaker technology and we are delighted to bring this expertise to these Canadian Coast Guard ships.

“We have a long successful track record of working with both AC and DC systems and we are delighted the Canadian Coast Guard recognises ABB as a reliable partner.”

Work to upgrade the first of the ten vessels, CCGS Pierre Radisson, is already underway, with plans to complete it next month.

The remaining vessels to be upgraded are CCGS Ann Harvey, CCGS Des Groseilliers, CCGS Sir William Alexander, CCGS Martha L. Black, CCGS Henry Larsen, CCGS Edward Cornwallis, CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier, CCGS George R. Pearkes and CCGS Amundsen.

Three of the vessels, equipped with a DC-propulsion system, will be upgraded to use latest control technology while maintaining DC-motors and Generators.

ABB will replace the propulsion cycloconverter drives on the remaining seven vessels.

The propulsion control and monitoring systems in all the vessels will be upgraded with marine approved products such as control levers, generator excitation systems, dynamic brake and excitation transformers.

Modernisation of the last ship in the series will be completed by 2020.