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Integrated Visual Communication Systems for the Defence Industry

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VISLINK provides integrated visual communication solutions to military and defence organisations worldwide.

The company specialises in lightweight solid-state microwave systems for live airborne video, and downlink technology.

High-quality communication solutions for the defence market

VISLINK provides advanced, high-quality communication solutions to the defence industry. The firm has more than 50 years experience in working with video communications, making it an expert in its field.

The company produces high-quality and mission-critical video technology and solutions. It uses bespoke designs and customised engineering to meet client specifications and ensure all products can handle the most demanding environments.

Secure SATCOM systems for effective decision-making in military operations

VISLINK offers a range of satellite communication (SATCOM) systems, which can be customised, integrated or co-designed.

One of the key products offered in this range is satellite and manual portable data terminals. These are designed to be easily deployed in hostile environments, due to their small size and low weight. These terminals are suitable for secure and non-secure satellite communications for a variety of applications.

Multi-purpose transmit solutions for SNG and ENG applications

The DVE5100 HD / SD IP Capable Exciter is designed for satellite news-gathering (SNG) and electronic news-gathering (ENG) applications. It is a multi-purpose transmit solution, that has a built-in host protected area (HPA) controller for satellite use. This controller also cancels out the need for any additional hardware.

Meanwhile the firm's IRD5200 DVB-S2 SATCOM and ENG integrated receiver / decoder (IRD) is intended for compact SNG flyaway and ENG use. It has multiple inputs, as well as ultra high-frequency (UHF), asynchronous serial interface (ASI), L-band, and internet protocol (IP), making it a versatile receiver option.

An additional SATCOM product offered by VISLINK for the defence market is the FlyDrive, which is a motorised flyaway antenna. This has been created to be used as a semi-permanent vehicle mounted system, as well as a traditional flyaway. The FlyDrive can be taken on a commercial airline if carried in IATA weight-compliant flight cases, meaning it can be deployed worldwide.

UAVs / UGVs for conventional aircraft and crews

Unmanned aerial vehicles UAV) / unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are supplied by VISLINK for conventional aircrafts and crews, as well as providing real-time images to decision-makers on the ground. They are used to check for any suspicious or threatening devices to troops on foot.

The L1700 camera transmitter is a wireless system that can be mounted to provide a full broadcast and comes with interchangeable RF modules.

Another defence camera offered by VISLINK is the HDMC HD Microcam, which can be used as an alternative to analogue bullet cameras.

The MNTX UAV downlink transmitter has SDI and HDMI inputs, which allow for a variety of cameras to be used. It also has low-power consumption and is appropriate for high-quality video aerial applications.

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