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Marine Sonic Technology (MSTL) is a leading provider of ultra-high resolution side-scan sonar systems for all applications. Trusted by many of the nation's premier agencies on the forefront of homeland security, MSTL's Sea Scan® product line is one of the most reliable in the world, producing accurate, precise ultra-high-resolution underwater imagining for security teams around the world.

Ultra-high resolution side-scan sonar

From conducting searches for underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to scanning ship hulls for parasitic devices and drug interdiction, MSTL has a system for any application. MSTL offers high-definition digital and adaptive compressed high-intensity radar pulse (CHIRP) models in towed and deep tow configurations, along with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) embedded systems.

MSTL developed the 1,800kHz transducer, which is the highest resolution side-scan sonar on the market today. Users have the ability to locate the smallest of objects. The system is ship standard, with your choice of dual frequencies, with typical set-ups of 300kHz / 900kHz, 600kHz / 1,200kHz, and 900kHz / 1,800kHz.

MSTL offers many transducers with frequencies ranging from 150kHz to 1,800kHz.

Side-scan sonar systems

The Sea Scan® HDS is MSTL's fully digital, rugged and easy-to-deploy towed system. The HDS is a 'must-have' and has been used by police, fire and militaries worldwide. The system is very simple to operate, but gives the user many powerful tools needed to complete the mission. Use the form below and ask about MSTL's Mag Integration Kit, which allows users to fully integrate with the Marine Magnetics SeaSpy Magnetometer.

The Sea Scan® ARC Explorer is MSTL's adaptive CHIRP towed system. It has several upgrades from the HDS and more flexibility than any other system. The ARC Explorer is milled from one piece of billet aluminum with expansion ports for later upgrades. The transducers are interchangeable, allowing for the full range of frequencies from one towfish. It has a built-in variable angle bracket for vertical imaging, so no need for an extra bracket. From locating IEDs to criminal evidence, and even victims of drowning, this is the side-scan that will fit every need.

The Sea Scan® ARC Scout is MSTL's adaptive CHIRP embedded system for the AUV and ROV markets. The ARC Scout is the smallest dual simultaneous embedded side-scan on the market, designed to fit in almost any AUV or ROV currently in-use today.

Ask your AUV/ROV dealer if they carry the Sea Scan® ARC Scout.

Its all-inclusive, ultra-compact package measures 9.9cm x 9.4cm x 5.6cm with an alternate configuration of 9.9cm x 18.7cm x 3.8cm. The Scout's virtually plug-and-play installation and minimal power usage make it the perfect choice for AUVs and ROVs that don't have room or power to spare and need a compact unit that exceeds the expectations of systems that are twice its size and consume three times the wattage.

Sea Scan® Survey side-scan software

Sea Scan® Survey is the most intuitive and powerful side-scan software package available. With extremely powerful tools and ease-of-use, it can handle almost any task without the need for extensive training; an operator can have it running within a few hours. Sea Scan® Survey collects and saves raw data, allowing for manipulation without destruction. A novice operator can make changes and adjustments with full confidence that they will not destroy the survey.

Sea Scan® Survey can integrate into most third-party mosaic software packages such as SonarWiz, and is fully adaptable. MSTL is constantly improving its software, which is driven by its end users. If you have a requirement that is not currently in our software, we will do our best to add it. Upgrades are available for free for the life of your system and can be downloaded and installed from our website.

Outstanding warranty and customer service

MSTL's free 24hr, 365 day-a-year technical customer service is beyond compare. Clients are given direct contact with MSTL's technical care team, who have years of hands-on field experience using and troubleshooting these systems in the field. MSTL also offers the longest warranty package in the industry at three years, which is three times the industry standard.

Marine Sonic Technology has been in business since the early 1990's and prides itself on having the best relationships with its customers of any side-scan company. Based in Yorktown, Virginia, US, MSTL is always open for facility tours. Visitors are always free to stop by and meet the owner and founder Martin Wilcox, along with his staff, and see how MSTL's systems are designed, developed and manufactured from conception to implementation.


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