Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST)

Ruggedised Electro-Optical Solutions for Surveillance

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) designs, develops and manufactures ruggedised, high-performance electro-optical solutions for military, homeland security and high-end surveillance applications, for assisting in protecting borders, reducing risk for personnel and material assets and optimising ordnance guidance.

Seamless integration of cameras, zoom-lenses and controlling hardware and software is the hallmark of electro-optical solutions from CST. The products are designed to operate reliably under the most severe conditions on land and at sea.

Ruggedised long-range electro-optical cameras

The Spectrel product line is developed specially for mid- and long-range applications in rugged environments. The cameras live up to military standard, meaning they are operational under severe shock and are hermetically sealed so no dust or humidity gets in. In addition to this, the cameras are operational under temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

The cameras work within the visual band area to provide real imaging in colour during daytime lighting, and due to the high sensitivity the camera is operational down to moonlight conditions.

Pan and tilt system with integrated long-range camera and laser illuminator

The new PTZI-1000 is a pan and tilt unit with an integrated long-range camera and laser illuminator. The combination enables users to recognise a human up to 8km away. At night the laser illuminator lights up the chosen observation area and enables the camera to see under low-light conditions.

The pan and tilt system can also be integrated with a thermal camera and a visual long-range camera, depending on what visualisation specs the user requires.

Unique bore-sight retention

When zooming in and out on a targeted area it is important for the lens and zoom to be bore-sighted. If not, the camera is unable to focus on the targeted area when using the zoom. CST's long-range cameras have a bore-sight retention of ±0.2 milli-radians, meaning that the camera will stay on the targeted area within ±20cm at a distance of 1km, when zooming in or out.

Situational awareness

For situational awareness applications, CST can provide ruggedised cameras capable of enduring severe shock and vibration with a horizontal field of view ranging from 47° to 95° or a 170° field-of-view. The standard cameras contain visual imaging and optional integration with a thermal camera.

About CST

CST is a global niche market leader and innovative Danish supplier of high-end ruggedised electro-optical camera solutions for homeland security, military and naval applications.

CST has a large product portfolio, comprising both short-range cameras with a wide field of view for situational awareness applications and long-range cameras for surveillance applications. Within the product range there is both visual and thermal imaging options.

With a strong research and design base at its headquarters in Denmark, CST is also able to provide mechanical, optical, software and hardware customisations while meeting the toughest requirements for military, homeland security and high-end surveillance applications.

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