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Cooling and Heating Units for Military Camps

Dantherm cooling and heating units create comfortable environments in military camps and refugee camps.

With approximately 600 employees worldwide Dantherm is a market-leading supplier of energy-efficient and reliable heating and cooling solutions. Our mobile heating and air conditioning units are used by the armed forces, International Red Cross and non-government aid organisations all over the world, and we are acknowledged for our extensive expertise.

Mobile heating and cooling units

Our mobile heating and cooling solutions are rugged and reliable and suitable for prefabricated buildings, emergency accommodations, accommodation containers and tents, etc. in refugee camps, relief camps, field hospitals, oil field camps and other temporary accommodations. All of our units are produced in Denmark and are built to comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. We work closely together with tent and container suppliers to develop site-specific, customised solutions.

Dantherm mobile heating and cooling units are operational at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C and are exceptionally versatile. They are easy to set up and maintain, and our lightweight designs and materials keep logistics costs low.

Dantherm is known for stock readiness, thorough documentation, expert support and extensive training courses and service agreements. Our R&D staff frequently visit our customers and the camps they operate to stay up-to-date on emerging needs.

Mobile heating units for tent heating

The mobile air heaters VA-M 15 and VA-M 40 can operate at temperatures down to -40°C. They are easy to transport and can be installed in no time. They are easy to carry over rough terrain and can be lifted with a crane or a forklift truck.

The heaters use insulated, flexible air ducts and air distribution plenums ensuring the perfect distribution of warm air throughout the tent. The heaters are multifuel capable.

Air conditioner for container cooling

The AC-M 5 air conditioner is designed for window mounting in ISO containers. It provides cooling at temperatures up to 60°C. This air conditioner is available in two versions, one with fresh air intake and one with no fresh air intake, so as to qualify for CBRN/COLPRO compliance.

Air conditioners for tent cooling

The AC-M range comprises mobile air conditioners for cooling of tents and other temporary buildings. They are operational at temperatures up to +60°C. Each of the models can be supplied with a built-in heat source. This makes these units especially useful in geographical areas with extreme differences in day-time and night-time temperatures, such as deserts.

The mobile air conditioners are easy to transport, either by fork lift truck, by crane or with wheels. The air conditioners use flexible air ducts and air distribution plenums ensuring the perfect distribution of cold air throughout the tent or building.

Most of our air conditioners are available in 60Hz.

About Dantherm

Dantherm was founded in 1958 and the company's first product was a warm air heater for workshops and industrial buildings. Over the following 30 years, the product portfolio was extended to include dehumidifiers, ventilation units, mobile heating and cooling units for the armed forces and aid organisations, and finally electronics cooling solutions.

Today Dantherm holds an important position on the European market as a provider of dehumidification, ventilation and mobile heating and cooling solutions.

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