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Radio Tactics is a specialist innovator of high-tech digital intelligence and evidence gathering equipment used globally by law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies.

Our exploitation devices provide security focused organisations with equipment to extract data from mobile phones, GPS and portable digital devices, providing real-time intelligence and evidence.

With its headquarters in Southampton, UK, and subsidiaries in the US and Australia, Radio Tactics provides dedicated technical assistance delivering comprehensive service and advice to every client.

Mobile device data extraction for the frontline

As the worldwide number of mobile device users continues to increase, so does the use of these devices in association with criminal activities. Crime managers are continually faced with escalating numbers of devices to be examined.

The Radio Tactics ACESO platforms enable restricted access, evidentially-sound data extraction from mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices and media cards.

Real-time mobile data extraction

ACESO enables police officers to examine and interrogate phones and other mobile devices quickly and accurately. Officers on the frontline can increase the number of 'real time' examinations, and are able to investigate high-volume and low-level criminal cases through the ACESO system.

Adherence to ACPO guidelines

ACESO meets ACPO guidelines and complies with the 'Four Principles' adhering to the recovery of evidence from electronic devices. Unlike other extraction solutions, ACESO enables law enforcement agencies to capture large volumes of evidentially-sound data, which contributes to early clear ups and faster case progression.

Identify additional lines of enquiry

Once a phone has been seized, the value of intelligence and evidential data deteriorates rapidly. The ACESO system can efficiently and accurately create evidence reports that minimise the delay in action. In fact, it takes the system approximately 20 minutes to produce a report for typical handset examinations. This enables officers to act on information contained within a device whilst a suspect is still in custody.

Comprehensive mobile data information extraction

The ACESO reports provide comprehensive information on all mobile data, including recovered call registers, photographs, videos, SMS, email and social networking data. Without the ACESO platform, officers would be unable to gain this important information, which could lead to additional cause for arrest and the identification of associates and other people of interest.

Secure network connection solutions

An ACESO network solution provides secure connection of geographically deployed ACESO terminals to facilitate central archiving of all the acquired data. In addition to the security benefits, this solution can provide time and cost savings compared to traditional evidential storage platforms.

By storing acquired information in one central location, officers can collaborate more easily and quickly retrieve records. The installation of the basic archive capability can then be leveraged to link phone acquisition data into wider intelligence gathering investigations. If any users are unsure how to operate the platform, Radio Tactics' technical consultants are available to help customers define appropriate next steps.

Technical service and support consultants

Radio Tactics prides itself on creating partnerships with customers that deliver strong relationships and continual advancements to its intelligence and evidence gathering solutions. Customers are offered tailored service and support packages and have a dedicated support team that provides rapid response and expert advice to maximise each customer's operational effectiveness.

ACESO training courses

Radio Tactics offers certified ACESO training courses. Combining e-learning and practical face-to-face workshops provides clients with an optimum blended learning experience to gain accreditation as an ACESO certified operator.

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